Our Unique Advantage

All of our camps provide a complete training experience for serious players. The focus is soccer but camps provide a 360-degree approach to developing players – physical conditioning, mental preparation, cross-training, and Lake Tahoe-specific activities that are unique and fun.


  • Position-specific training with our professional soccer players and coaches
  • Tactical skill-development through drills, repetition, and active feedback
  • Mental performance training to develop toughness and a winning approach
  • Soccer yoga for increased flexibility, control, and spatial awareness
  • Nutritious meals designed by a nutritionist for high performance
  • Tahoe-specific activities for cross-training fitness and mental freshness
  • Take-home plans for continuing work in each of the above areas

The Environment

The Lake Tahoe area is one of the most picturesque in the world. And the 6225 ft elevation makes it an excellent high elevation destination to enhance the training we provide. Lake Tahoe and Tahoe Training Camps combine to provide a superb training experience you’ll want to come back to year-after-year.

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