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Mental, physical & technical elevation.

Our Camps & Events


Day Camps

Ball Mastery, combine with Mental Skills training — all combine in four comprehensive days of camp. Our number one priority is safety, a close second priority is having fun while learning the skills of the game (mental, physical, technical, tactical).

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Overnight Camps

The complete Tahoe soccer experience — Ball Mastery, Mental Skills Training, Soccer Yoga, Beach Soccer, Leadership training, and tons of fun during free time at the beach & by the camp fire. Players leave camp relaxed, motivated & focused.

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Camps for Clubs

We have have hosted some of the best and most progressive clubs on the West Coast. These bespoke camps are where the club or team bring up entire teams to Tahoe with their coaching staff, and we take care of the rest. Plus we offer our Mental Performance coaching staff & our Soccer Yoga coaches.

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Have an event you want to run in Tahoe?

Do you have a sports event you would like to run in Tahoe? But might not have the time, nor resources to make it happen? We are your answer. We host: camps, tournaments, races, conferences, expos, & coaching education courses. Let’s partner on an event and make your idea a reality.

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Today’s athletes.
Tomorrow’s leaders.

We are not just a sports event company: we are the guides to making our athletes better human beings both on and off the field.

See what our athletes & their families have to say about our impact on their lives. 


Mental Skills


are mental health.

No matter whether your are on the field, in the classroom or in the world, mental skills are critical to overall health and prosperity.

We believe mental skills are the most important, yet the least taught topic — especially to our youth.

That is why our biggest focus is teaching the foundational elements of mental skills, while giving each participant the resources to solidify these skills through consistent training over time.

To elevate your mind, is to elevate your game, and to elevate your game is to inspire the world by having strong mental health.