Dedicated experts in their field with a proven record of guiding athletes to success.

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Soccer Coaches

Our soccer coaches all have played in college and/professionally, so they believe in the importance of school, life balance.

Each of our coaches are hand selected because they are professionals and have the teaching qualities we believe in such as:

  • train hard, have fun

  • technique is the foundation of becoming a great athlete

  • mental skills are essential to the ultimate trajectory of an athlete.

Our coaches not only subscribe to and teach the TTC Ball Mastery Curriculum, but they also work hand-in-hand with our Mental Skills Coaches to make sure they are teaching consistent mental skills while running their sports sessions.

This is the most developmental comprehensive training in the country.


Dustyn Brim (former pro player)

Leon Abravanel (former pro player)

Patrick Ianni (former pro player & Olympian)

Lex Merrifield (college player)

Annie Brejc (college player)

Carlos Trujeque (college player)


Mental Performance & Soccer Yoga Coaches

Mental Skills are techniques (like dribbling the soccer ball) that improve over perfect practice overtime. We believe these skills are the least developed, but the most critical. This is because these skills not only help you perform better or the field, but in the classroom, with family members & in life.

We put a major emphasis on mental skills in our camps — each camper receives a copy of My Mental Playbook, which is our personalized mental skills curriculum during camp.

At the end of each camp, our campers will have the foundation to build their own mental skills routine — just like anything worth while in life in life, the trick to making these skills are habit is CONSTANT PRACTICE.

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Alexandra Cliffton
Head Mental Coach

Zack Etter
Mental Coach & Co-Author of “My Mental Playbook”

Ashley Gardea
Team Building Expert

 Blake Costalupes
Mental Skills Coach


About the Founder

Coach Leon Abravanel

Leon is the Founder and CEO of Tahoe Training Camps, a high performance sports camp in California that incorporates a mental skills program into the development of its players. Leon was a High School Academic All-American, played college soccer as a student-athlete at The University of San Diego and The University of Denver before playing professional soccer with the Los Angeles Blues. in Germany, Bolivia & United States.

Leon holds an MBA in Entrepreneurship & Organizational Leadership from California Lutheran University. He has used his experience and business acumen to start five companies that are largely driven by the mission of growing and improving both the physical and mental skills of youth athletes.  One of those companies is Juggle the World, whose mission is to use soccer as a vehicle to get underserved youth into college, Leon founded the non-profit which is a competitive soccer club in Compton, CA.  The club started with one team, and has now grown to over fifteen teams helping youth in Los Angeles. 

Leon is currently the head boy’s soccer coach at his alma mater, South Tahoe High School where he oversees both the varsity and junior varsity teams.


The program stresses mental skills as a program-wide discipline, and part of their training is to consider the mental factors that contribute to success on and off the field.

He is also an adjunct professor at Sierra Nevada College in their Business Department.

Leon is happily married to Kristen Demint.