Mental Performance Training

Our Approach

We believe a resilient growth mindset is the most important lesson learned from sport; but it is also the least taught subject in sport. Just like all skills in life, mental skills are learned through constant repetition over time.

The foundation of our mental teaching is creating and empowering a “growth mindset” in all endeavors. A “growth mindset” is a way of life where we embrace learning, taking risks, and believe that the only failure is not trying to constantly improve.

These skills translate to all areas of life, such as: test taking, home life, college applications, interviews, family life, coaching, etc.


Focal Points in Our Teaching

Growth Mindset


Dr. Carol Dweck coined the phrase “growth mindset” in her book “Mindset.” The application is this phrase is transformational in all areas of life, and is the foundation of all our events.

Having a growth mindset (the belief that you are in control of your own ability, you can always learn and improve) is the key to success because with this mindset, success is in the journey, not just the end result.

People with a growth mindset constantly improve, are more content, and are ultimately more successful.

Our goal is to incept a growth mindset into each of our athlete’s — it is a seed that if practiced, will grow to be fruitful for every person involved.

Mental Skills = Health


Mental skills training is the process that provides the methods and techniques to improve performance by: developing self-confidence and creating a positive mind-set through goal setting, positive self-talk, visualization, imagery, and self-efficacy. These skills translate to all areas of life.

Like any other skill, mental skills are learned through consistent training overtime. Our professional Mental Performance Coaches teach these skills to our athletes and plant the seed for mental growth. Our curriculum is a catalyst to overall mental health, which is the true goal of any of our events.

Having a Strong Mental Skills Toolbox = The ability to take Care of your Mental Health


Learning To Breath


If we discipline our mind, we can control our world.

The breath is the connector between the mind & the body. We all have control over our breath, which is the foundational mental skill that we teach.

When we have short, quick breaths, we are sending messages to our mind that we are anxious, which releases certain chemicals that can dramatically effect our performance & life. On the other hand, when we control our breathing to have deep, calm breaths, we send the message to our mind that everything is ok — which in turn releases different chemicals that enhance your performance.

We practice breath-work in all that we do.